what is the purpose of logistics jobs

Logistics jobs by their very nature involve the movement of goods and materials from their source. But just what is the purpose of logistics jobs?

· Sourcing. People in logistics jobs ensure they find required resources such as raw materials. It is they who ascertain the quality of the resources and ensure they are available on time. Part of the job includes getting quotes from suppliers and negotiating to lower the costs.

· Transportation. People in hgv class 2 jobs use the most efficient means of transporting materials from the supplier to where they are required.

· Storage. Those working in logistics jobs keep the sourced items stored so they can be accessed when needed. By its nature logistics involved buying goods just in time. This is to minimise the storage costs. They also store finished goods until they are distributed.

· Production. It is people in hgv class 2 jobs that ensure that the final product is created as efficiently as possible. This is so as to meet demand on time by managing staff and equipment.

· Distribution. By taking up any of the logistics jobs, you might have to ensure products reach the customer more efficiently.

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